The Boss SY-1000 will turn your guitar or bass into a seismic synth

Guitar man
05 December 2019 / 17:24GMT

The sonic wizards at Boss have dreamed up a new Guitar Synthesiser that’ll turn your beloved axe into a versatile digital orchestra. The new SY-1000 is being pitched as the company’s most advanced synth to date, and features a custom DSP that delivers six times the processing power of the SY-300. It’s packed with a range of deep sound design tools that can be combined and layered like a glorious musical trifle, and uses two 16-part step sequencers to create complex textures that "pulse, breathe, and groove." Meanwhile, a new sound engine and GK 13-pin interface promises to deliver clear audio and precision tracking with zero latency, while users will also gain access to a smorgasbord of premium effects and amps pulled over from the flagship GT-1000. That's a lot of jargon to take in, but basically the SY-1000 will make your guitar sound all kinds of trippy. A bit like Muse on sterioids.