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B&O’s E8 in-ears get a limited-edition Rapha makeover

On your bike

If you’re a cyclist, just riding a bike isn’t enough. To fully inhabit your role as the most self-important of all road users, you need the uniform as well – and the more of it that has the word ‘Rapha’ written on it somewhere the better. If you’ve already got the lycra and some clippy-cloppy shoes, you can now round the whole look off with a pair of B&O’s new Beoplay E8 Sport Rapha Edition earphones (£300). They’re IP57-certified, so they’ll put up with the rain if you leave your funny little hat at home, plus the total battery life of nearly 30 hours will keep them going for the whole of your Tour de Kent, although don’t forget it’s dangerous to wear headphones while cycling, even if they do have a transparency mode so you can hear what’s going on around you. Perhaps most importantly though, they’ve got that all-important logo adorning one of the buds.