B&O teams up with Rimowa for limited-edition H9i cans

But they'll cost you...
27 March 2019 / 18:29GMT

When we heard Bang & Olufsen was teaming up with fancy luggage brand Rimowa we imagined a suitcase with a booming pair of speakers built in. Just think how easy it would be to single out at baggage reclaim as it made its way around the conveyor belt blasting The Vengaboys’ ‘We’re Going to Ibiza’. It turns out, though, that the two have teamed up to make a limited-edition pair of H9i headphones with a special aluminium carry case and a matching paint job. They’ve got active noise cancelling onboard so they’ll still be handy on planes, touch sensitive controls on the ear cups, and motion sensors that automatically pause and play the music when you take them on or off. Normally that would set you back £450, but the Rimowa name means these ones go for a whopping £750. Never mind playing music, for that we’d expect them to carry our bags for us.