The Beoplay H95 noise-cancelling cans promise adaptive audio with a luxury finish

Hey, big spender
27 August 2020 / 17:00BST

Bang & Olufsen is launching a new pair of noise cancelling headphones to celebrate its 95th anniversary, and they're the definition of a luxury item. Crafted to deliver the "ultimate listening experience," the Beoplay H95 (£700) uses immersive adaptive active noise-cancellation (ANC) tech in combination with two 40mm titanium drivers to deliver clear audio that responds to the world around it. The high-end cans also offer up to 38 hours of playback, and utilise a foldable design and secure hardcase for maximum portability. Of course, if you're going to spend £700 on a pair of headphones, you'd expect a few extra flourishes. Fortunately, the H95 delivers them in spades, and features delicate golden detailing, an anodised aluminium body, memory foam and top grain lambskin ear cushions, and charging cables made from woven fabric. Worth every penny, right?