Astell&Kern better hope these Layla Aion headphones sound better than they look

Pricey in-ears are a joint venture with studio monitor mavens Jerry Harvey Audio
02 September 2019 / 12:05BST

If you like your in-ear headphones to make you look like a roadie for a second-rate metal band, Astell&Kern have got just the pair for you. Adorned with a chrome A&K logo on one side, and the Jerry Hardy Audio one on the other, the Layla Aion’s black-and-red pearloid colour scheme is certainly an acquired taste. But with the carbon fibre shells housing a whopping 12 drivers per bud, plus A&K’s freqphase technology ensuring all frequencies maintain the correct phase and time alignment, we’re pretty sure they sound better than they look. There’s also a highly durable cable and 3.5mm jack, so they should be able to withstand even the most enthusiastic head-banging. There’s no pricing info yet but A&K’s previous Layla buds cost US$2500, so don’t expect them to come cheap.