Apple’s new AirPods give you more talk time, Hey Siri, and a swanky wireless charging case

For pod people
20 March 2019 / 13:11GMT

If you’ve been holding out on buying some wireless Apple magic for your lugholes, time to crack open your wallet, because Apple’s second-gen AirPods (from £159) are here. Apple says the new H1 chip boosts efficiency, adding 50 per cent to talk time. You can now bellow Hey Siri at your AirPods, thereby irritating anyone within earshot as you instruct your headphones to switch what you’re listening to. And there’s now an optional Qi-compatible charging case, which holds a whopping 24 hours of charge time for your AirPods. That’ll set you back an extra 40 quid, mind – or £79 if you buy it standalone for your existing AirPods. Just probably don’t mention AirPower, or someone from Cupertino will discover a use for old-school Apple earbuds – and strangle you with them.