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Adidas RPT-02 SOL solar headphones promise near non-stop listening

Splash-resistant on-ears should keep going for longer than you can

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Are you constantly forgetting to plug in your gadgets? Sick of hearing “low battery” every time you reach for your headphones? That shouldn’t a problem with the Adidas RPT-02 SOL. This lightweight set of on-ear cans harvests solar energy to keep itself topped up, and promises up to 80 hours of juice once the lights go out. That’s double what the previous-generation model was capable of – and also needed regular trips to a plug socket to achieve it.

Adidas teamed up with Swedish solar experts Exeger for the sporty on-ears, which don’t just turn natural sunlight into extra battery life, but artificial light too. The bespoke Powerfoyle light cell material effectively makes these headphones self-charging on bright days, but don’t exactly look like you’re walking around with a solar panel strapped to your bonce.

The lightweight headband and ear cushions use a blend of recycled nylon and post-consumer recycled plastic (as much as 87% of the headphones’ total plastic use), and are IPX4-rated splash resistant. That’ll make them fine for taking to the gym, or for listening when storm clouds roll in. A light indicator lets you find the strongest light source nearby so you get the best charge when setting the headphones down, and a smartphone companion app shows remaining battery life and charging status in real-time. Touch controls also let you change volume and music playback without reaching for your phone.

These aren’t the first set of solar-powered cans to land in the Stuff inbox: Urbanista’s Los Angeles headphones used similar tech, but only had a big enough battery for 50 hours of light-free listening, and wasn’t really aimed at athletes. The RPT-02 SOL’s water resistance gives them the edge, even if it comes at a price premium.

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The Adidas RPT-02 SOL are set to go on sale on the 23rd of August, direct from Adidas. Expect to pay £200 to get a pair wrapped around your ears.