The Adidas RPD-01 are a pair of affordable sweat-proof buds with 12 hours of playtime

Let's get physical
3 days ago

Wireless buds are ten a penny these days, but Adidas is hoping to win gym junkies over with its new pair of affordable, sweat-resistant sport headphones. The RPD-01s are streamlined in-ears that offer a glorious trifecta of up to 12-hours of playtime, bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and super-fast USB-C charging. Adidas claims the buds are made for "athletes at every level," so whether you're training day and night for that half marathon, or just hitting the treadmill to burn off that KFC you wolfed down last night (no judgement here) - these buds will be a good sport. The RPD-01 in-ears (£84.99) are available right now, and come bundled with a range of interchangeable ear tips and wings to ensure a proper snug fit. Wunderbar.