WTF is StreamLocator

Premier League football for a fraction of the cost?

Lockdown number three (or is this the fourth?) is upon us, which means more time to binge your heart out. How though, can you get access to a whole bunch of top-notch shows, sports, and movies without breaking the bank or, allegedly, the law?

StreamLocator is a dedicated hub for tapping into top flight sporting events and hit shows without paying full whack or waiting for a British broadcaster to air it. It acts like a VPN, blocking geo-locations so you can sign up for services like HBO Max or watch Premier League games via a Canadian channel, for example, for a claimed fraction of the cost.

It sounds a bit dodgy. When can I expect a visit from the rozzers?

Its creators claim unlocking foreign streaming services is above board and compatible with a variety of devices, including Roku kit, Apple TV, Sony PlayStation and more, so you’re not forced to squint at your phone or tablet. Simply plug in a purpose-built hub that looks like a gaming router and search for what you want. It could even come in handy for Brexit ex-pats wanting to watch Eastenders on BBC iPlayer.

I couldn’t care less, let them stew with Telecinco.

Now now, 2021 is the year to be nice to everyone, well, except Sky Sports, BT Sports and Amazon Prime it seems, because your football fix for every live game could cost just £15.59 per month as opposed to £78 per month for the ‘big three’, and that includes the holy grail of Saturday 3pm kick offs. The hub and a 12 month subscription costs £77 followed by £5.50 a month thereafter. 

Is it foreign commentary, and what if I don’t like football?

Alright mister sunny disposition. Whatever station you pick you’ll get their feed. English commentary is available on channels like DAZN and SSports+, but at least if you tune into a South American commentator they celebrate goals properly. And if you’re not remotely sporty, HBO Max and 29 other supported platforms opens a world of new Warner Bros. releases and more.