Urban upgrades: 9 of the best travel gadgets for city breaks

Going downtown for your down time? This first-class kit will guarantee a slicker trip

Fields and farm vehicles might set rural hearts aflutter, but the cow shed is no place to find a buzzing cocktail bar. Unless you fancy a Moojito.

No, for bright lights, big buildings and zero bovine encounters, there’s only one sort of spot you should visit this summer – and you won’t need your wellies: from London to Lisbon to lovely Ljubljana, all manner of cool conburbations await the courageous country bumpkin ready to brave those busy city streets.

Up for going urban? Ditch the pitchfork and leave your cattle brush in the barn: this metropolitan tech will have the slickers looking twice. And not because there’s mud on your jumpsuit.

Native Union Smart Charger International (£30)

Travel adapters live difficult lives. Stored in darkness beside bum bags and padlocks, then brought out twice a year and expected to be their versatile best. Hardly fair.

Show pride in your pins with this fabric-topped smart charger: equipped with a pair of USB-A ports that intelligently pick the top speed for your tech, it works in the UK, Europe and USA – and, at just 12mm slim, can slip behind even the thickest of hotel sofas.

Buy the Smart Charger International here from Native Union

RHA TrueConnect (£150)

Those big lights might inspire you, but sirens all around are enough to spoil your entire state of mind. Need beats to make you feel brand new? These wireless AirPod alternatives aren’t noise-cancelling, but an array of tips means each 7g ’bud can block out most background sounds with a fit that dreams are made of.

Want to talk as you walk? Those stems harbour microphones and act like little Bluetooth aerials for a better connection, while a five-hour battery life (boosted for another 20 by the charging case) and weather-resistant shell should give you no reason to grumble in the concrete jungle.

Buy the TrueConnect here from RHA

DJI Osmo Pocket (£329)

Instagram influencers might paint travel as sharp-suited and exclusive, but you don’t need 10,000 followers to get a gorgeous getaway video: film your city break with this palm-friendly cam from drone-makers DJI and you’ll have slick 4K 60fps footage to sling at your Story.

A three-axis mechanical gimbal reacts to movements in real time for rock-steady recording as you stroll, while several smart modes – including automatic subject tracking – make blockbuster shots a cinch. And with a cell good for 140 minutes, you'll probably need to recharge your batteries before it does.

Buy the Osmo Pocket here from DJI

This Is Ground Mod Open (from $250)

Those cork slip-ons might scream hipster on holiday, but there’s nothing edgy about tipping the contents of your satchel on the Amsterdam cobbles in search of the keys for your fixie.

Bring order to your urban haul with this properly modular organiser: magnets inside mean a raft of swappable inserts can stack and attach, catering for your clutter in all its forms – from specs to tech to stationery.

Hostel short on storage space? Simply stick a panel on the fridge. #modgoals

Buy the Mod Open here from This Is Ground

Denon AH-GC30 (£299)

From aeroplane engines to boardroom suits, distracting drones abound on business trips. Cut through the hum with these lightweight wireless cans: each memory-foam cup packs a pair of noise-cancelling mics, while flying, commuting and office modes ensure deft hush from desk to departures.

Fuming at your boss for flying in first? Fire a mile-high meditation playlist through the 40mm FreeEdge drivers and, by the time the 20-hour battery runs out, you’ll be a picture of in-flight calm.

Buy the AH-GC30 here from Denon

Panasonic Lumix TZ95 (£400)

From skyscrapers to street portraits, the city is a playground for keen-eyed snappers. Pack a lens for every situation, though, and the only thing snapping will be your credit card under the weight of excess baggage fees.

Cut the burden but keep the versatility with Panasonic’s latest compact: a 20.3MP MOS sensor means you’ll never be down on detail, while a stonking 24-720mm superzoom range will set you up for cityscapes and candids alike.

Fancy a rooftop self-shot? Flip up the screen for better framing.

Buy the Lumix TZ95 here from Panasonic