Ultimate setup: Xbox One

Shower your Xbox One with gifts as you both look forward to years of top-notch gaming friendship
Ultimate setup: Xbox One

If all goes well, the Xbox One should provide years of next-gen gaming goodness, serving up a catalogue of blockbuster titles from Titanfall to Halo and offering an unrivalled voice and motion control experience.

We've picked a bunch of gear to ensure you get the most out of Microsoft's gaming companion, so let's get started, shall we?

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Xbox One Controller (£45)

Ultimate setup: Xbox One

A bit unimaginative, perhaps, but what good is having a beast of a next-gen console if all your mates can do is watch? Pick up a second controller and spend hours shouting at each other on the virtual green turf of the FIFA 14 arena.



Ultimate setup: Xbox One

The Xbox One's controller will happily take regular batteries, but this rechargeable one will be much easier than restocking your supplies after heavy gaming sessions. An included charging cable turns the controller into a wired one too, so you can still play while it's drinking up that well-earned juice.


Turtle Beach Ear Force XO SEVEN (£150)

Ultimate setup: Xbox One

The Ear Force's memory foam cushions should help isolate any outside distractions while its noise-cancelling mic can be removed for listening to music while you're out and about. You can also individually adjust game sound and chat to your taste, drowning out your teammate's angry cries with gun fire, if you like.


Polk Audio N1 Soundbar (US$300)

Ultimate setup: Xbox One

This soundbar was designed specifically for the Xbox One, complimenting its '80s VCR grill design. It also promises to sound as good as it looks, thanks to optimised custom EQs specifically tailored for particular games. It's also got aptX Bluetooth for quality streaming from your other devices, including recent Android smartphones.



Ultimate setup: Xbox One

Immerse yourself in Forza 5's eye-watering graphics and fully recreated tracks by jumping into your armchair in front of this 7:10 scale replics of a Ferrari 458 Italia's steering wheel, complete with metal accelerator and brake pedals.


Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2 (£180)

Ultimate setup: Xbox One

This arcade controller is the perfect companion to Killer Instinct and features the same Sanwa joystick and buttons found in Japanese arcade cabinets. If you know anything about Japanese arcades, then this is a very good thing. It's buttons will take more of a beating than your on-screen character.


Logitech Harmony Touch remote (£150)

Ultimate setup: Xbox One

Logitech's control-everything-under-the-sun universal remote is useful in its own right, but you can now download an update for Xbox One support too, saving the One controller's battery life when you're watching movies.



Ultimate setup: Xbox One

When your trusty Xbox One controllers get tired, just tuck them into this charging dock which can juice up two controllers at once. Ideally when you're going to bed or eating. You know, those things you have to do in between gaming to, er, live.


Speedlink Tork Camera Stand for Kinect (£19)

Ultimate setup: Xbox One

The new Kinect is amazing - a Stuff Award winner, no less - and it's also an integral part of the Xbox One experience. This TV mount will position it in the best possible place, front-and-centre of all the action. You can even call it HAL, if you like.


Sony KDL-55W905A (£1,350)

Xbox One: Ultimate Setup

Sony's stunning 55-incher uses its new Triluminos technology to beam improved colours and contrast into your peepers and it has a very low (for a telly) input lag of only 10ms, making it ideal for those nano-second headshot reactions in Battlefield 4 or Call of Duty: Ghosts.


PANASONIC TX-P55VT65B (£1,900)

Xbox One: Ultimate Setup

Panny's brilliant 65-inch TV offers a stunning screen, silky smooth motion and intuitive, easy-to-use smart features with booming sound to match. A worth winner of What Hi-Fi's Best 55in+ Award 2013.