Ultimate setup: Samsung Galaxy S4

Give your shiny new Galaxy S4 an instant upgrade with our selection of the best accessories, from headphones to cases
Give your S4 a treat

You've got your Galaxy S4, raided the Play Store for the best Android apps on offer, and now you're ready to go - but why not give your new phone an instant upgrade with our selection of the best accessories on offer, from wireless speakers to the fanciest cases.

Take some quiet time: Bose QC20

Bose QC20

The QC20 in-earphones feature Bose's StayHear+ tips that's won't only stay fitted but also offer passive noise cancellation.

The active silencing unit uses dual microphones to monitor background noise and produces the opposite sound to give you the feeling of utter silence. Its rechargable battery manages 16-hours of active noise cancelled sound.

At the touch of a button you can hear surrounding noise if needs be thanks to Bose's Aware mode. And thanks to the Bose TriPort space the bass is fantastic for the size of the buds. Coupled with active equalisation that makes for stunning sound.

£260, Bose

A night on the tiles: TecTiles

NFC tiles that can do your bidding

Samsung's TecTiles area great little accessory, and contain an NFC tag that can, via a special app, program your S4.

For instance, place a programmed TecTile on your bedside table, and it can activate specific settings when touched by your phone - setting an alarm and turning the phone to silent, for example.

You can also set them to launch an app, check you in on FourSquare, or even tell your friends when you've got home.

£20, Samsung

Tune in to your TV: Google Chromecast

Google's smart TV dongle is the perfect way to get your favourite videos from your S4 onto the big screen.

The HDMI gadget lets you watch Hulu, YouTube and Netflix shows, and the Galaxy 4 is the perfect remote, giving you an easy way to escape the chains (and prices) of your cable or satellite subscription. 

You'll even find your S4 is ready to go with Chromecast - the apps above all have controls built in, and they're incredibly easy to use. Crucially, you really do just use the S4 as a remote, so you're free to go off and do other things once you've told the TV what to show.

US$35, Google

Tough case: Otterbox Defender

If you're into skydiving, off-roading or any other extreme sport, then you'll need some extra protection for your new handset. Actually, as everyone knows, even walking down the street can be dangerous these days, so why not cocoon your S4 in Otterbox's Defender case.

It's available in a multitude of colours, and you can pick some truly hideous combination from the firm's sight - perfect if you've been unfortunate enough to aquire a brown S4.

£45, Otterbox