Soundwall crams a massive AirPlay speaker into a work of art

Modern music appreciation for your ears and your eyes
Soundwall showcases the art of good sound

Where’s that music coming from?

Make an educated guess.

I don’t see any speakers...

Follow your ears.

Why is your Pollock singing Arcade Fire?

Because Reflektor is a very, very good song. How could it not be with James Murphy on productin duties and David Bowie contributing vocals? But back to the point: congratulations, you found the source of that elusive sound.

Where are you hiding the speaker?

The entire surface of the art piece - the Soundwall - is the speaker. It’s essentially a wireless flat-panel driven by a Raspberry Pi computer and amplifier covered by an art piece of your picking. Subwoofers can also be added to enhance bass.

As for whether it'll actually sound good, we're not yet sure. Flat panel speakers have a tendency to being a bit bass-light, but there's a 2x25W Class D amp inside the smaller models and a 2x100W inside the vast Epic model. We're looking forward to hearing one.


Introducing Soundwall from Soundwall on Vimeo.

There are no switches... although it would probably hard to find one within that violent mess of art if there were.  How do I work it?

Just plug it into a power source and set up an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection (or hook up your source via the dual analogue inputs).

Apple users can easily use AirPlay to control the Soundwall, but Android users will by default have to use the slightly more technical UPnP protocol (or download an AirPlay-compatible app). That’s not a deal-breaker though - there are loads of great, free UPnP apps - and a giant reverberating piece of art is certainly more pleasing than a standard Bluetooth speaker. If you like Jackson Pollock, of course.

My place could use some sprucing up.

The Soundwall could be just the thing, then. It comes in five sizes, ranging from the 24×36” Poster for US$949 to the 40×60” Epic for US$2499. As for the aesthetics, you can choose from their existing gallery of prints, submit your own to be custom-printed, or go all Pollock yourself and attack the canvas like a demented seagull.


Source: Soundwall