Smartphone Supertest 2018: What's the best phone right now?

£1000 to spend on a phone. Seven top models to choose from. Are Apple and Samsung really the best picks?

What would make you spend £1000 on a phone? That’s today’s question.

Just a couple of years ago it might have been inlaid cut-glass diamonds, or a Porsche logo splashed across the back. All the really tasteful stuff.

But today all the big phone manufacturers have models pushing a grand. Heck, you can pay £1449 for an iPhone XS Max if you really want to.

Which of these top-price models really match up to the price, though? Because unless there’s something special inside, you might as well save £500 or more and buy an Honor 8X.

It turns out there’s a clear answer to that question. One of these phones goes further than the rest in maxing-out what you get for your cash.

Want more tech tricks than Inspector Gadget, a ridiculously screen-packed design and a camera that works in every situation? The best bit this actually applies to most of these phones. It turns out you can’t go far wrong when you have this much to spend.

The contenders

1) Sony Xperia XZ3

The first OLED Sony phone and the best Xperia ever. But can Sony’s latest really compete with the best no-compromise phones in the world? That’s a tough one to answer.

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2) Apple iPhone XS Max

Have a bottomless budget for your next phone? This is the maxed-out model, with perhaps the most beautiful display design seen in a phone. And XS-beating battery life.

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3) Apple iPhone XS 

This is the old iPhone X with a new camera and a healthy power injection. It’s by far the smallest here too. Casual vibes for miles.

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4) Google Pixel 3 XL

The official showcase for Android 9.0 is here, complete with features designed to make you use your phone less. Now there’s some out of the box thinking from a phone maker.

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5) Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Huawei doesn’t play about when adding extra features. This phone can wirelessly charge other mobiles, has zoom and ultra-wide extra cameras and a next-gen CPU. It’s a beast.

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6) Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Note 9 won’t win a rear of the year award, but this phone has something special, the S-Pen. You can scrawl notes and draw masterpieces. Note: talent still required.

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7) OnePlus 6T

The appeal of the OnePlus 6T is simple, undeniable and powerful. It’s the best value top-end phone you can get.

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