Sky Q vs Apple TV 4K - which should you buy?

Looking for 4K content to make the most of your 4K TV? Here's where your money is best spent

As normal head to heads go, comparing the new Apple TV 4K and the all-conquering Sky Q might seem to make as much sense pitting an octopus against a lion. But bear with us, here’s our reasoning.

When making a decision for how you want to watch TV, particularly for 4K content, should you go the traditional route of a subscription-based TV package, or pick and choose the content you want more specifically using a streaming box?

With Apple just announcing Apple TV 4K, and Sky Q’s roll out of 4K broadcasts alongside its 4K on-demand content, it seemed like a good time to answer that very question.

Got 4K TV, need 4K content? In the ultimate battle between the best of subscription and the top dog of streaming, here's what comes out on top.