Sip smart: the 9 best drinking gadgets for bartenders and alcohol lovers

Toast to better booze with this pitcher perfect kit

First came the festive binge, then the cleansing abstinence of January. Now, after a month free from hangovers and heady beverages, you’ve earnt the right to an upgrade.

See, while Dry January might be all about starting the year with a restorative health kick, it’s also the ideal time to think on your drinking – and how best to improve it.

Still swigging flat lager and opening your bottles by hand? It’s time to give your bartending tool kit a double shot of tech, with a gadget chaser for good measure.

So, call time on bad wine and say cheers to better beers: this gear will take your imbibing from cellar bleak to rooftop chic in the briefest rattle of a cocktail shaker.

Coravin Model Two (£249)

That cellar of vintage vino might one day be worth its weight in gold, but future returns won’t quench your present thirst for a Pinot Noir from ’93. Slake your hankerings with this handy clamp from Coravin.

Simply stick the Model Two atop your chosen bottle and its nifty needle will neatly pierce the cork, letting you pour out a portion without popping the top. Once you’ve had your fill, just remove the clamp and the cork will re-seal itself, leaving potential investors none the wiser. 

Worried your vin rouge will go vin rogue once you’ve tapped the bung? Fear not: the Coravin keeps things fresh with a little dose of argon gas – so you can dip into your collection whenever the tipple tickles your fancy.

Brumate Hopsulator Trio (£25)

Lukewarm lager might be fine for the louts down the park, but when you’re quaffing craft beer then nothing but cool cans will do. Because Bittersweet Rhino just isn’t as refreshing at room temperature.

Keep your hops heat-free with this all-metal insulator: a handy jacket of stainless steel and copper, simply slot in your tinny, secure it with the gasket and enjoy chilled beer long after the ice bucket goes all watery.

Better yet, stick the bundled freezable insert beneath a 330ml can and you’ll have foamy refreshment that’s cooler than any mini fridge.

Zanmini Electric Wine Bottle Opener (£20)

You go in straight. You twist firmly but carefully. You start to pull. With a sickening split, the cork crumbles around the screw, your efforts at finesse rewarded with tiny pieces bobbing in the wine. Your in-laws avert their eyes in disgust as you attempt to dig out the remnants with a fork, your thin facade of refinement cut down by the humble bung.

If only you’d used this electric number instead. As pocketable as your average opener and less likely to cause embarrassment, it’s a two-button exercise in corkscrew simplicity. Just remember to charge it beforehand, or you’ll be just as red-faced and no closer to the wine.

Menu Beer Foamer (£14)

For beer-themed banter that’s guaranteed to get you in with the lads, try shaking up Dave’s lager before serving. When he cracks the can, it’ll be foam all over and laughs all round. What japes.

Alternatively, for a more flavoursome experience that won't stain a friendship, pour a portion of Dave’s lager into this compact foamer. Designed to add draught-like head to any beer, simply push the button and it’ll froth up a treat in seconds, ready to top off a pint like it’s fresh from the barrel. Delicious, and a lot less messy.