Our Gadget Awards special is packed full of winning tech, plus we take a look at connected kit for workouts and much more in our January issue - out now!

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2018 has been a big year for tech.

It's all glitz and glam as we cast a discerning eye over the latest gadgets, games and gear to decide what's the best of the best in the world of tech.

From the best game of year, to the best car, headphones, speakers, computers and much more besides, see who we've crowned as winners and why they take home the trophy in our Gadget Awards issue!

We've put Apple's latest iPad Pro (2018) to the test to see how it measures up to its predecessors and other tablets on the market. 

With lots of new features like its mighty A12X chip and self-attaching stylus pen that charges on the tablet itself, there's a lot to dig into.

So cosy on up and dive in to our January issue to find out more!

We're well and truly into winter territory now and instead of rubbing your colds hands together maniacally, why not outfit yourself with a nifty pair of brand new gloves?

Yes, our upvoted feature is filled to the brim with gloves galore, and there's something for every occasion.

Going for run? We've got you. Need to scroll on your phone through Instagram feeds when you're waiting for the train? No problem.

Fancy going for swim in a cold river? However questionable that may be, hay we won't be judge when you're sporting some gloves that protect your hands from the cold.

You've got to hand it to us, we really did think of everything. If you're in need of some hand warming action, you won't want to miss this!


A new year means new games and you better believe we're excited to take a look at some of the upcoming releases on the horizon.

We take our first glance at Far Cry: New Dawn, eye up Hello Game's upcoming title The Last Campire, and show our appreciation for some of the best titles the Game Awards 2018 got us hyped about. 

And you can also read our review of hotly anticpated Super Smash Bros. Smash Ultimate for the Switch. 




While lots of our new years resolutions tend to go out of the window, many decide it's time for a change and dive into the world of fitness. We commend you.

And if you're into your exercising anyway, that's great too.

In this issue we take an in-depth look at some of the exciting gadgets and gear that help you stay fit and healthy. 

The new issue is fit to burst with all manner of tech delights, including the smart, edgy looking Alexa-enabled Marshall Voice, to the adorably- sized Playstation Classic Mini, and so much more.

Some of the features in this issue can't be found anywhere else, so be sure to grab yourself a copy today! 

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