NutriBullet versus the world: the best juicers tested

Upgrade your vitamin intake with one of these smoothie operators

There are two types of people in the world.

One has a loft full of Thighmasters and Abdominators, has tried every exercise craze from speed planking to Military MudShout, and eats nothing but raw meat (washed down with kale essence and oat milk). They already own a NutriBullet. The other just likes to drink nice fruit juice and wants to know if the NutriBullet is really the best juicer out there.

This test is aimed firmly at the latter. We've spent several days mashing fruit, drinking its sugary blood and groaning with vitamin-rich indigestion to pick out the best juicers you can buy, rated by how nice the juice they make is.

We've also addressed the crucial question of whether or not they're a bugger to clean, because while freshly-made fruit juice is delicious, they'll end up left in the loft if they're annoying to wash. And as we've established, there's not a lot of space up there.