The hottest stuff of 2015

The sexiest, craziest and coolest stuff we've seen in the past 12 months

So farewell then, 2015. It's been a blast.

Actually, it's been more like a tornado, because over the past 12 months we've been relentlessly smacked about the head with hot new gadgets flying in from all corners of the globe. Some have been so amazingly awesome they've left us feeling like Marty McFly in BTTF, some so unmitigatedly awful we've wished we were Marty McFly in BTTF III

The challenge, as always, has been to separate the tech wheat from the chaff. But we love a challenge here at Stuff, so here's our pick of the hottest of 2015's Hot Stuffs.

These aren't the best gadgets of the year - you'll find them over in our Stuff Gadget Awards 2015 hub - but rather the quirky, innovative and sometimes downright speculative gadgets that have torn our attention away from whatever new smartphone has just arrived in the office. Enjoy. 


The Tempescope is an indoor weather simulator that recreates outdoor climates in the comfort of your living room, so you can keep tabs on what's happening up above without leaving the sofa.

Read about the Tempescope here


Say hello to Light16 - a camera with 16 freaking lenses. The lenses themselves have different focal lengths, offering a variety of zoom equivalents ranging from 35mm to 150mm. Clever software is then able to stitch all of these individual images together, to provide an incredibly detailed 52MP photo.

Read about the Light16 here

The Model 01

The Model 01 aims to make the keyboard an important part of any PC setup again by bringing back the luxurious physical features of yore. The Model 01 features 64 keycaps that are custom sculpted to allow for the most natural, comfortable typing experience.

Read about The Model 01 here

Morgan EV3

It's a futuristic mash-up of the endearingly retro Morgan 3 Wheeler, but rather than power coming from a front-mounted S&S V-Twin motorcycle engine, it's now provided by an environmentally friendly electric motor and lithium-ion batteries. 

Read about the Morgan EV3 here