GDC 2014: the biggest gaming news so far

UPDATED 21/03/14: Everything we've got to look forward to from San Francisco's Game Developers Conference
GDC 2014: the best gaming news so far

Back in 1988, 27 designers crammed into a single living room for the first ever Computer Game Developers Conference. 

Fast forward 26 years and the yearly San Francisco Game Developers Conference is attended by tens of thousands of developers from around the world, and it's the biggest date in the gaming calendar next to E3.

This years show looks set to be bigger than ever, with two fresh-faced consoles - Sony's PS4 and Microsoft's Xbox One - looking to one-up each other.

And then there's Valve's looming army of Steam Machines, looking to upset both consoles with a blend of PC power and Steam's ever-growing library.

Here's what we've got to look forward to this year:

DirectX 12 to bring console-like performance to PCs

DirectX 12 logo

Microsoft has unveiled the latest edition of its DirectX API – and has promised that it’ll deliver more efficient, console-like graphics performance on PCs. DirectX 12 offers far better support for multi-core processors, you see: while its predecessor would weight graphics processing unevenly (with a quad-core GPU, for instance, one core would perform the bulk of the work), it spreads the load evenly over all cores. That’s similar to how a console does things, meaning developers should be able to wring better graphical performance out of PCs than was possible with DirectX 11.

Sadly, DirectX 12 won’t be dropping onto your PC anytime soon. Microsoft has pencilled in a full release date of late 2015, although there will be a preview version out later this year and possibly some form of early access program.

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