Games Watch: the 5 best new games coming out in June

From big hitters to indie titles, these are the console and PC games that have got us talking this month

Between button-mashing and VR stick-waving, it's all too easy to miss some magnificent game releases.

Not anymore, though. See, we're always on the hunt for the next game to steal months of our lives - and the last thing we want is to miss it because we're too busy playing the last one.

So, with that in mind, here's your monthly compendium of the five most scintillating new releases coming before July rolls around. You can thank us later.

Tekken 7 – Out Now

Been a while since you played Tekken? Well, there's a good chance you'll still feel right at home with Tekken 7, because the King of Iron Fist isn't really one for sweeping changes.

Bandai Namco's latest spit-shines the familiar fighting action, thanks to the Unreal Engine, and the new fighters are intriguing while the story mode entertains. But this is still the familiar four-button fighter we know, and it's pretty no-frills when it comes to its focus on the action.

That's not a bad thing. While anyone tired of Tekken may not be entirely thrilled by this new entry, the fundamentals are sharp, the online competition will rough you up (in a good way), and it all looks fantastic. The fighting game scene is crowded, but even so, Tekken 7 can hold its own.

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Price: £42

Buy Tekken 7 here from Amazon (UK) | Amazon (USA) 

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Wipeout Omega Collection – 6 June

Wipeout is one of the finest racing experiences to ever exist, but it seems we may need to wait a while longer for its proper return. No matter: we'll happily play the Omega Collection 'til then.

Wipeout Omega Collection brings together all of the content from Wipeout HD and its stacked Fury expansion on PS3, as well as the Vita's Wipeout 2048, and mashes it all together with newly enhanced textures, as well as 4K and HDR support on the PlayStation 4 Pro. We can't wait to see these anti-grav rockets blast past at incredible speeds on modern hardware.

If there is one complaint, it's that PlayStation VR support didn't come with this bundle. Maybe the next one, eh? Even so, we're excited to revisit everything in this speedy package.

Platform: PlayStation 4

Price: £25

Buy Wipeout Omega Collection here from (UK) | Amazon (USA) 

Dirt 4 – 6 June

Can you believe it's been six years since we got the sublime Dirt 3? Last year's Dirt Rally was a sharp turn back towards harder-edged simulation, but we're thrilled to see the main series return with its accessibility in tow.

Dirt 4 looks dazzlingly immersive, from what we've played so far, and you can go full sim if you want – but like the earlier entries, it finds the ideal middle ground between challenge and absolute realism, making it enjoyable even if you're not a rally die-hard.

It has more modes than ever, along with a custom track generator that'll yield infinite results – so even if it takes another half-dozen years for Dirt 5 (hopefully not!), we might still be playing this one.

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Price: £45

Buy Dirt 4 here from ShopTo (UK) | Amazon (USA) 

Arms – 16 June

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe have both been smashes, but what's the next big Nintendo Switch hit? It might be something totally new.

Arms is Nintendo's latest franchise debut, and it's also a return to its Wii-era admiration of motion controls. Scared off? Well, you shouldn't be: this super-powered, arcade-style boxing game is packed with personality, and better yet, the motion controls are a fluid fit for the game. It's Wii Sports boxing on steroids… albeit, like, some really strange steroids.

If you have a Switch, you'll be able to try it out this weekend with the free Global Test Punch demo (available from the eShop), otherwise we'll have a full review in time for the release. But based on what we've played so far, Arms seems like it will be well worth reaching for.

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Price: £45

Buy Arms here from (UK) | Amazon (USA) 

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy – 30 June

There hasn't been a truly great new Crash Bandicoot game since the 1990s, so why would we pay any attention to this one? Because it's the original trilogy, back in action.

The N. Sane Trilogy bundles together Crash's first three PSone adventures, but these aren't straight ports or even glossed-up ports: the games have been completely rebuilt in a modern game engine, keeping the old-school design intact without looking so rugged in the process.

We'll be honest - while the original Crash Bandicoot games were great for their time, they may not feel 100% fresh now even with the snazzier graphics. But regardless, this looks like a great nostalgia blast, and kudos to Activision for resisting the urge to overhaul the original core design, potential warts and all.

Platform: PlayStation 4

Price: £28

Buy Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy here from Smyths Toys (UK) | Amazon (USA)