Drop everything and download: Honk

The real-time messenger for goslings on-the-go

Honk might sound like a new social network for geese but there’s no need for a beak or webbed feet if you want to use it. In fact, the only thing you need is another friend who's also open to the idea of using an app named after a ephemeral squawk - and who doesn't mind the idea of their messages being cast into the enternal void after you've finished wittering on. 

You see, Honk is a real-time chat app that shows your messages as you type them, rather than after you've hit 'send.' It's like having a real-life conversation, except on your phone and with your fingers. Alright, we can see why you might be a little bit confused. Allow us to explain. 

Okay, what's it all about then?

Rather than just those telltale dots you get on iMessage or the ‘typing’ giveaway at the top of your WhatsApp windows, Honk’s chat box is always live, so the person on the other end can see what you’re typing as you type it – a bit like a digital blackboard. 

Apparently, Honk's sole purpose is to help keep your conversations in the here and now, letting you focus on the topic at hand rather than scrolling through the endless reams of chatter filling up your backlog. It's a nifty idea in theory, and one that'll no doubt appeal to folks who hate playing catch-up on other services like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

That sounds... unconventional. Is it any good?

You're right. Honk doesn't feautre a traditional send button, so once you empty your messaging box what you wrote is gone for good.

You can still send pictures and emojis though, plus there’s a ‘honk’ button that you can hit to get somebody’s attention if you just fancy a chat. When you sign up the app asks for your age and the choices top out at 21+, so if all this sounds entirely baffling to you, that’s probably why. Sorry, grandad.

Where can I get it?

Honk is currently available for iOS, and can be downloaded for free. There's no word on an Android release just yet, but we'll keep an eye out just for you.