Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 19 gadgets and presents for cyclists

Perfect presents for pedal-powered players

Two-wheeled whizzkids generally love nothing more in life than their road-rolling runaround. And, while they shouldn't have favourites, trying to understand or, god forbid, find a replacement for their much-loved pedaller is like a pot-holed path to purgatory.

Instead, accessorise. Let them keep their wheels as you supply them with every possible light, lock, jacket and, of course, coffee table cycling companion.

Best of all, fitting up your fitness-insistent friend with brilliant bolt-ons means they'll spend most of the day in the garage - so no more protracted discussions about the benefits of carbon cross-beams and the mighty shaved leg.

Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro Sunglasses (from £140)

Aside from a personal house-to-office bike lane, the dream for most cyclists is one pair of glasses to last the whole year. These Adidas sunnies fit the bill perfectly, courtesy of Vario lenses, which can change from completely clear to dark in just twenty two-wheeled seconds. 

Suitable for both murky winter rides and bright sunny ones, their anti-fog coating, fluorescent highlights and a removable sweat blocker make them a good fit for mountain bikers, too. 

Buy the Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro Sunglasses here

PDW Shiny Object CO2 inflator (US$20)

We hate punctures: summer days spent coasting through the countryside, blighted by those fiendish bushy bristles. It’s the pits.

But now, when you’re in the pits, you can show those thorns who’s boss with the ultimate in re-inflation kit. Indestructible alloy wrapped in leather, PDW’s ultra-shiny Co2 fast-filler not only looks the bicycle business but will see your rubber right back on the road in next to no time.

Buy the PDW Shiny Object CO2 inflator here

Upso Stirling Seat Pack (£25)

Every winter cyclist needs a sturdy saddle pack for stashing spare tubes, tyre levers and emergency snackage. Upso's range of under-seat sacks is made from recycled lorry tarpaulins, which means each one is waterproof, unique and comes with just a hit of a world-saving smugness. 

The Stirling fastens tightly to seat posts via quick-release Velcro straps, making corner shop fill-ups a rapid business. Want to use it for mid-ride energy bars? It’s just as happy clinging horizontally onto your handlebars, too.

Buy the Upso Stirling Seat Pack here

Chrome Barrage Cargo (£190)

Need a commuting bag that can survive the UK’s sideways winter rain? This waterproof backpack might be pricey, but after a few years of taking it on daily rides we can confirm that it’s both indestructible and, if you like dry work clothes, well worth the premium. 

The updated version of the Barrage Cargo offers handy side pockets, which nicely complement the tarpaulin-lined main compartment. The best features, though, are its seatbelt buckle and the adjustable cargo net - ideal for stashing your helmet during pub stops. 

Buy the Chrome Barrage Cargo here

Patagonia Capilene midweight zip-neck (£60)

Toasty warm yet blissfully breathable, Patagonia's range of base layers has been a firm favourite in the Stuff office for years. This zip-neck number is no exception, equipped with nifty tricks like elastic thumb loops to ensure your hands don't feel the winter nip. 

The fabric itself is designed to sit happily beneath your other layers, whilst smart sewing should keep you comfortable on the mountain climb: the shoulder seams are offset so as to avoid rucksack strap chafing. 

Buy the Patagonia Capilene mid-weight zip neck here