Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 14 gift ideas for Android fans

We've hunted down a haul of the best kit for any self-proclaimed lover of all things Android

There are well over a billion Android users on the planet right now, but decent accessories for them remain harder to find than brain cells at a Donald Trump convention.  

That doesn't mean there aren't any good ones of course - you just have to search harder than you do for iAccessories. And that's exactly what we've done for you.

From cracking chargers to gaming get-ups, we've pulled together everything to make fans of that little green 'bot jump for joy.

RIGGAD (£49)

For too long have our lives been plagued with wires. Thankfully, wireless charging is here to liberate us from their tyranny. Ikea’s Riggad lamp has an in-built wireless charger, so you can charge your phone whilst enjoying some bedtime reading.

In bundling the two together, the smart Swedish store has done away with ugly chords trailing across your table, bringing new illumination to bedroom tech. Give this to a friend who freaks out from the sight of tangled wires, and they’ll forever be in your debt.

Buy the RIGGAD here

Samsung Gear VR headset (£49)

Sure, Google’s Cardboard contraption is pretty cool, but for a proper virtual reality romp you need something much more formidable.

Enter Samsung's latest VR effort: driven by the power of Oculus, this head-tracking helmet turns modern mobiles into movie magicians. Equipped with a touchpad for immersive control, it's as easy as plugging in your Galaxy to enter a world of imagined exploration made real.

Compatible with several Samsung devices, including the S7, Note 5 and S6 Edge, slip in your smartphone and strap it on to Granddad to give him the virtual time of his life.

Buy the Samsung Gear VR headset here

Google Chromecast Ultra (£69)

Google’s answer to big-screen sharing is back - and it’s better than ever.

From YouTube and Play Movies to Netflix and your Android home screen, social browsing beasts can cast their view to the nearest screen - just stick the little fella in a spare HDMI port and fling the flicks over Wi-Fi.

This latest model is ready for both 4K and HDR footage, as well as being quicker than ever. Don't need images that sharp? Google's Chromecast 2 remains a perfectly nifty option.

Buy Chromecast Ultra here

Pocket Tripod (From US$19)

Fed up of your friend posting wonky photographs on Instagram? Do them a favour and buy a Pocket Tripod. No longer will they have to carry a huge three-legged stand over their shoulder in order to get a steady video.

Offering wall-top stability for almost any phone, the Pocket Tripod can slot deftly into a wallet for go-anywhere blur avoidance.

Buy the Pocket Tripod here

Beta yourself

Google Daydream View (£69)

Don't fancy shelling out for Samsung's VR effort? Once again Google has turned the virtual world on its head by introducing Google Daydream View. The best bit? You don’t need to have a supercomputer to play.

Simply strap your phone in and become immersed in space battles and underwater adventures. There's no better gift for Android users who can’t wait to try Virtual Reality.

Buy the Google Daydream View here