Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 25 gift ideas for coffee addicts

Sip from our proverbial pot of the finest frothy brew

Starbucks to go? For deep-pocketed lazies. Instant brew? For unappreciative peasants. These days, it’s all about grinding out your own premium caffeinated beverages for a deliciously fragnant energy boost at home.

Steaming for the best beans around? We’ve scoured the web to dig up the finest coffee-related gadgets and presents. Pick one of these gift ideas and forever change the way your friends and family enjoy their morning mug.


Bodum Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder (£60)

Sure, you could manually grind your beans using your own precious energy - but do you really want to do that in an age where there’s a robot trundling around Mars and taking selfies? Thought not.

Enter the modern age with this handsome fellow, who'll chew up your beans like there's no tomorrow. A preset timer will grind exactly the amount you need, whilst an adjustable grinder takes you from espresso to french press-ready in an instant.

Buy the Bodum Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder here

Minipresso Portable Espresso Maker (£50)

Caffeine cravings wait for no man. Mountain climbing in the Pyrenees? Locked in the library lift? When you’re all out of espresso, being anywhere but your coffee shrine in the shed is an absolute nightmare.

Minipresso is here to change that. As light as a flask and sleek to boot, it’s a hand-powered pump that relies on nothing but a quick squeeze to deliver 116psi of force through your favourite blend - no batteries in sight. All you need is hot water and some beans. Now, where did we leave our kettle?

Buy the Minipresso here

Four of the best

Cafèdirect Discovery Plan Subscription (From £23.40)

For indecisive caffeine fiends - or those who want to broaden their horizons beyond the bare-brick walls of a Shoreditch coffee house - a subscription to Cafédirect's Discovery Plan is the best way to keep their tastebuds guessing.

Available on three, six, or 12 month bases, this variety pack delivers ground or whole beans directly to your door, along with information about their origin, tasting notes, and recommended brewing methods. Scrumptious.

Buy a Cafèdirect Discovery Plan Subscription here

Contigo Autoseal West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug (£25)

Okay, it's a travel mug. Not the most exciting of gifts at first glance, perhaps - but this one is a cut above the cheap leakers: it’ll keep your caffeine hit hot for four hours, as autoseal technology prevents any sort of spillage.

Pressing a button opens up the spout to release the toasty brown stuff, before sealing it off automatically, ensuring its precious liquid contents are kept safely inside.

Buy the Contigo West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug here

Pop Chart Lab Espresso poster (£19)

A tasteful lithograph that breaks down 23 varieties of espresso-based drinks, from doppio to double latte, this poster comes on heavy grade archival paper stock and will educate and inform, as much as it brightens up, your friend’s kitchen.

Don’t know your cortado from your cafe bombon? After five minutes gazing at this print, you’ll have taken your first step on Barista Boulevard.

Buy Pop Chart Lab Espresso poster here