Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 20 gadgets, snacks and tools for food lovers

Tuck in your bib and pick up a fork: it's festive feeding time

Nothing quite satisfies a food lover like, well, food. And there isn't much better than a tasty Turkey and a corker of a Christmas pud.

But Christmas - sadly - comes just once a year. Once the food coma subsides and the final choccies are polished off, desolation and despondency ensue, leaving fans of all things edible with little to look forward to but Boxing Day leftovers.

That's why we've compiled this list of the best gifts for those with an insatiable appetite - and it's delicious.

Smart Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster (£35)

Can one really be considered a foodie if one doesn't love hotdogs? We’re not talking about that deconstructed, wild boar and truffle nonsense, either. No, we mean a proper, mustard ‘n’ onions frankfurter in a cheap bun.

It’s the ultimate in simple pleasures - and this toaster is the only weapon you need to make your own. It’ll even do two at a time, in the unlikely event that you want to eat one and give another away.

Buy the Smart Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster here

Cosmic Diner collection (from US$32)

They say that the best inspiration comes from a perfect plate of pizza, and there’s no better way to take that margherita magic out of this world than scooping slices from these Italian-designed galactic party plates.

Like the best space-inspired tech, these are microwave and dishwasher safe, and you’ll be hard pushed to find prettier porcelain platters. From everyone’s lunar love to the would-be planet Pluto, now you can see the whole of space every time you sit down to supper.

Buy the Cosmic Diner collection here

Steak Champ (£35)

As in comedy, timing is everything when you’re cooking a steak. You can’t just chuck it in the pan, wander off to feed the cat and come back hoping it’ll be done to perfection.

Rather than old-fashioned tricks such as, you know, cooking skills, stick a Steak Champ thermometer in the side of the meat, instead. Like a trusty traffic light, it'll flash green when the cut is medium-rare, amber when it’s medium and red when you’ve ruined it. 

Buy the Steak Champ here

The Chadwick Oven (£385)

If you know someone who makes their own pizza, this kitchen UFO is the gadget of their cheesy dreams.

Proper, puffy pizza with a nice crispy base requires air temperatures 200 degrees higher than the maximum burn on a regular household oven. Thanks to some crafty engineering, the air inside the Chadwick Oven can reach 500°C after 10 minutes on the hob, meaning it’ll cook a pizza in about three minutes - and cook it properly.

Buy The Chadwick Oven here

Cure & Simple Subscription (£5.95)

Bacon: truly the food of gods. Whether for a Boxing Day hangover or a New Year's Eve treat, there's little that tickles the taste buds better than a plate of crispy rashers.

Give the gift of good bacon with a subscription to Cure & Simple. With weekly, fortnightly and monthly plans to suit every appetite, signing up will see delicious Suffolk bacon landing on the door mat (in appropriate packaging, we hope), right on time for that Sunday morning fry-up. Welfare friendly and traditionally cured, there's nothing not to like - unless you're a vegetarian.

Buy a Cure & Simple subscription here