Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 19 gadgets and presents for binary bartenders

Titillating thirst-quenchers for fans of all tipples

Like mistletoe and wine, sometimes a glass of the good stuff just feels like the perfect choice on a Christmas evening. Or a Spring evening. Or Summer, or any other occasion, really.

Become friends with beverages with this list of the best boozy gifts - to be enjoyed responsibly, of course.

Sonic Decanter (£396)

In the long list of weird things people do with wine, zapping it with ultrasound has to be right at the top. It might, though, also be the most awesome.

Pop your bottle of wine into the Sonic Decanter and press either the red or white button as necessary and, 15-20mins later (it’s 15mins for a white and 20mins for a red), your wine will emerge from its ultrasonic bath tastier than when it went in. It sounds like witchcraft, but by all accounts it genuinely makes wines noticeably smoother and less acidic.

Buy the Sonic Decanter here

Brewdog Punk IPA Beer Making Kit (£56)

Brewdog might be a bit too trendy for its own good, but at least it backs up its beards and piercings with genuinely great beer. If you or your loved one have already worked your way through every drink on its near-endless roster - even the Tactical Nuclear Penguin - your next challenge is to become a Brewdog yourself.

With this kit you get all of the ingredients and most of the equipment required (you need to supply a large pot, funnel, strainer and some bottles for the beer to go in) to make a gallon of the signature Punk IPA.

Buy the Brewdog Punk IPA Beear Making Kit here

Corkcicle Canteen (£17)

Looking out of the window right now it might be difficult to picture hot, sunny days at the beach or park, but rest assured they will eventually come around again, and you or your loved one will be better prepared for them if you/they have a Corkcicle Canteen at the ready.

Essentially a funkier Thermos, the Canteen will keep drinks ice cold for 25 hours. Go for the top-of-the-range 16oz model and you’ll have space for an entire pitcher of beer or two bottles of wine. You’ll be the hero of the picnic.

Buy the Corkcicle Canteen here

American White Oak Toasted Barrel (£42)

You probably thought the effect of surface area on rate of reaction was just another thing you had trouble remembering in chemistry GCSE. But it's just become relevant, because now you know that a small barrel will 'age' spirits - give them deeper, softer flavour - more quickly than a big one.

So give a whisky fan this little cask and some fairly pedestrian booze to put into it, and it'll emerge delicious a couple of weeks later.

Buy the American White Oak Toasted Barrel here

Molecular Mixology kit (£37)

Time was, adding a nip of Ribena to your can of Red Stripe was enough to get you a reputation as a bit of a classy one, but those times have now gone, and no-one's happy unless each sip of their Manhattan contains a sphere of perfect flavour that bursts lightly upon their tongue. Fortunately, this kit bestows the power to create such marvels; two snakebite foams, please.

Buy the Molecular Mixology Kit here