Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 20 gadget gift ideas for gardeners

Gather round: we've picked a selection of ideal gifts for green-fingered geeks

Muddy-kneed outdoors-y types can be notoriously hard to buy for. After all, once you've filled the shed with all the spades, rakes and hoes on the market, what's left to get?

Actually, lots. From colour-changing lights to all-weather sensors, there's no reason not to upgrade the garden into a smart patch o' grass - perfect for plant-loving gadget pals.

Urbio Happy Family Kit (US$75)

Vertical gardens are all the rage these days, possibly because we’re coming to terms with the fact we’ll never own our own flat, let alone a lawn. Kickstarted Urbio provides a slick, modern alternative for the green-fingered but gardenless urban dweller.

This modular ‘family’ kit contains three magnetic vessels and easy-to-attach wall plates to create a space-saving indoor wall of plants for you to rearrange, water and prune at your leisure.

Buy the Urbio Happy Family Kit here


GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub (£221)

The GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub is the ultimate in garden automation: it connects to Wi-Fi and controls your watering and lighting schedules based on information from the nearest weather station, including sunrise/sunset times - so you’ll never find your sprinklers on in the rain again.

In fact, GreeniQ claims the system can save you 50% of your water bill. But, if ever you fear your hub has too much power, you can always regain control through your iOS or Android app.

Buy the GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub

Parrot Flower Power (£30)

For years, we've had to rely on intuition and the evidence of our eyes when tending to our plants. But we are gadgeteers. We can do better.

This plant sensor hooks up to your iPhone or Android device over Bluetooth. Simply tell it what plant you're tending, and it'll monitor sunlight, temperature, moisture and fertiliser levels, alerting you when you need to pander to your plant's needs.

Buy Parrot Flower Power here

Flymo 1200R robot lawnmower (£649)

It's the 21st century, and, while we may not have robot butlers yet, we do have robot gardeners. This automated mower will cover up to 500 square metres of grass, trundling across your lawn and slashing the foliage with purposeful intent.

You can set a grass height of between 20mm and 50mm and leave the Flymo to do its thing - it'll move in random patterns, ensuring you always come home to a neatly-manicured lawn.

Buy Flymo 1200 robot lawnmower here

Go Sloe (£60)

What's more satisfying than eating something you’ve grown in your garden? Drinking something you’ve grown in your garden. Something delicious and, perhaps, alcoholic.

Give the glorious gift of sloe gin, perfect for bringing a rosy glow to any gardener’s face this winter. Presented in a wooden crate are three ready-to-plant sloe bushes, accompanied by recipes and a bottle of Sloemotion for an instant harvest.

Buy Go Sloe here