Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 25 of the best subscription gifts

Buy the gift that keeps on giving with one of these awesome memberships and subscription services

If bills and junk mail have made your postie unpopular, it’s time to spice up the relationship with one of these regular deliveries of joy.

You can get a subscription for just about anything nowadays. Beer. Bacon. Even pants.

So, whoever you're buying a prezzie for, you ought to be able to find a suitable subs package here - even if they're an underpants enthusiast.

Jukely (from £25/month)

Buying event tickets sucks. You wake up early, keep hitting the refresh button, only to be offered rubbish seats you need a new mortgage for.

Rejoice! Jukely saves you all the hassle at half the cost, with access to a different show every night in several cities around the world (including London).

New gigs appear daily at 11am: simply sign on, select a show and grab your dancing shoes. Rock up at the venue and your name will already be on the guestlist - perfect for wannabe rock stars.

Buy a subscription to Jukely here

Beer Hawk (from £24/month)

Bring the pub to your door with a selection of 8, 12 or 15 high-quality, bottled beers every month, two months or quarter.

Choose between dark/light and weak/strong, or roll the dice for a random selection. It’s time to get chuck that case of supermarket lager...

Buy a subscription to Beer Hawk here

Vinoa (£29.70/month)

If there’s one thing better than a full wine rack at Chrimbo, it’s knowing that it’ll be kept full for the next year.

As grape gifts go, a sub to Vinoa is a good one: it'll land six specially selected glasses of wine on the doormat every month. Not literally, of course - that would be messy.

Give the tipple a try whilst watching online videos with a virtual sommelier and, if it hits the sweet spot, you can pick up the full-sized flagon for member’s-only prices. How very refreshing.

Buy a subscription to Vinoa here

Bluebird Tea Co. (£7/month)

See past the fact that they call themselves ‘tea mixologists’ and you’ll soon start enjoying the wares that this little bird delivers.

Receive three different loose-leaf brews per month, hand-selected for members. If you're picky, you can even email with your preferences.

From classic breakfast tea to hangover-curing detox varieties, it should be everyone’s cup of tea.

Buy a subscription to Bluebird Tea Co. here

Carnivore Club (£29/month)

What could be better than meat? Meat in the post, that’s what.

A selection of cured meats - such as pancetta, prosciutto, salami and jerky - will arrive monthly in a little box, ready to sate your cravings for flesh. If you’re looking for fresh steak, mind, just go to a butchers.

Buy a subscription to Carnivore Club here