Check your baggage: 10 of the best suitcases, backpacks and duffel bags

Upgrade your holiday haul with these clever carriers

As Latin philosopher Seneca once wrote, ‘no man can swim ashore and carry his baggage with him.’ Sage advice, especially for those without a boat.

What you can do, though, is check your baggage into the hold, sling a rucksack over your shoulder and hop aboard a flight to wherever you fancy. Which probably wasn’t an option for our old Roman friend.

And, whether you’re heading to Rome or Rimini, Londinium or Lutetia Parisiorum, you need a sack you can rely on. After all, you don’t want your particulars spilling across the asphalt if your suitcase tumbles from the luggage chariot.

Duffel on the verge of death? Pack up your troubles with your old kit bag and send it to Elysium: we’ve picked out some of the best new packs you can buy for your 2019 tours.