CES 2015: Stuff interviews Changzhu Li, Huawei Device

You want a light-field camera in a mobile phone? Looks like Huawei's working on it…
Stuff interviews Changzhu Li, Huawei Device

For the past week, Stuff has been running interviews and product pitches on the International News Stage at CES 2015, the biggest and craziest technology show in the world.

Huawei's growth in smartphones has been meteoric. This year it sold 75 million devices, and next it's anticipating sales approaching 120 million. Its pursuing leading-edge technologies such as fingerprint scanning, dual rear cameras and premium devices enshrouded in unscratchable sapphire crystal glass (a feat even Apple hasn't yet pulled off), and it's doing its utmost to become the next big thing in mobile.

Here, Will Findlater discusses the challenges facing anyone hoping to succeed in a packed mobile market, the new technologies that will be incorporated our next phones and whether we're getting wearables right just yet. Tune in below.