The Big Question: what's the best life organiser?

Get your Christmas running like sparkly clockwork with these apps and nifty notebooks...

Feeling ready to get productive? Of course you aren't - playing Google 'Quick, Draw!' is way more fun and you're not an assembly line robot. 

Still, it's hard to beat smug satisfaction of sailing through life's trickier levels (read: Christmas) with a top score and some power-ups (read: reward cookies) because of your enviable organisational skills.

That's why we closed our Reddit tabs and turned off Westworld in order to immersive ourselves in the best digital and paper-based ways to, well, get stuff done. In our case, quite literally.

Read on to discover our favourite organisers, from simple 'to do' apps to customisable, physical notebooks. Then reward yourself with a gold star cookie...       


Paper trail: the offline alternatives

No room in your digital life for another app? Have a scribble on one of these 21st century notebooks...

Bullet Journal ($24.95)

Described as an ‘analogue system for a digital age’, Bullet Journal is all about efficiently tracking the past, organising the present and planning the future.

You don’t need the official journals to work with the system – any notepad will do – but they’re solid, open flat, and handily contain all the frameworks you need.

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Self Journal (£26)

This one’s all about balancing day-to-day tasks and larger life goals. You plan goals for the following three months, breaking them down into manageable chunks, and then create a daily action plan.

Throughout, pre-defined page sections enable you to track habits, note and remember lessons and big wins, and doodle when feeling creative.

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Wrights Notes (£17.49)

Rather than being prescriptive, Wrights Notes has you customise the pages within. Reasoning that there are ‘two sides to every notebook’, facing pages can have different designs, including lines, dots, device wireframes, calendars, and to-dos.

Want to vary what you get throughout? No problem – just create your books in sections.

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