Bags for life: the best sustainable backpacks for eco-friendly exploring

Roam responsibly with these recycled rucksacks

You can’t carry the whole world on your shoulders, but you can shoulder some responsibility for the state of it. 

Case in point: your backpack. The longer you keep your trusty two-strap, the more economical its existence becomes and the less manufacturing waste enters the system. Good job.

Problem is, there comes a time when even the most treasured of tatty totes has to go. Usually when a strap has snapped, you’re missing two zips and there are too many mystery stains to count.

Ready for a replacement rucksack? Stick with the green theme and pack something sustainable. From plastic bottles to surplus fabric, each of the bags below is sustainably made from eco-friendly materials that prevent potential pollution from harming the planet – perfect for conscientious carriers.