The best music streaming services - reviewed

Sweet streams are made of these

20 years ago, when CDs were medium number one and musicians could still make a living from selling their records, the idea of having almost every song ever recorded at your fingertips seemed the stuff of science fiction. 

Even when Spotify launched out of the blue in 2008, few predicted the seismic shift in music consumption that would follow. Yet today’s streaming services make the idea of building an MP3 collection look positively stone age. Each platform hands users the keys to a millions-strong library of on-demand music, often available to stream in CD quality. And it’s all accessible via mobile, tablet, computer, web player or a growing gaggle of internet-connected devices.

But with such a sizeable catalogue of listening delights on offer, the choice can be crippling – and we don’t just mean picking which song to play next (see our best albums for audiphiles list here). How do you know which streaming service is right for you? We’ve run the rule across six of the top options to see how they compare. Read on to find out which one tops the charts.