Apple's UK price hikes – and the places you can still find a cheap MacBook

The sub-£800 MacBook is still out there if you know where to look...

It’s fair to say Apple hasn’t always been known as a purveyor of computing bargains – and its Mac range is now even dearer thanks to some new UK price rises.

The headliner at today’s Apple event was its new Touch Bar-tastic MacBook Pro, but a secret encore were price rises across the board for its Mac range. 

Read on to discover all of Apple's price hikes, and also the places where you can still find a MacBook bargain.

Mac attack

Looking to buy an entry-level Apple laptop? Your cheapest option is now the 13in MacBook Air with 128GB storage, which sneaks in under the grand mark at £949.

That’s a full £200 more than the previous cheapest option, the now discontinued 11in MacBook Air, and an 11% rise from yesterday’s price tag.

There's been an even bigger price boost for the still fresh-faced MacBook. Its entry-level model is now £1249, with the 512GB version rising like a Memphis Depay mishit to £1549 (a whopping 19% rise).

Dearer desktops

If you’ve been putting off buying a new iMac, we have further bad news for your wallet. The 4K iMac has gone up £250 to £1449, while the 27in 5K model now starts at £1749 (an extra £300).

Still, patience has at least been rewarded for Mac Mini coveters, who now pay...just £80 more for the £479 entry-level model.

It's fair to say this wasn't quite what our overdrafts hoped for from today's Apple event, even if we will be too busy stroking the Pro's new Touch Bar to notice the extra sting in its cousin's price tags.


Bargain hunting

All is not lost for Apple bargain hunters though. If you're kicking yourself for not snapping up the now retired 11in MacBook Air, it's worth noting that stores like John Lewis are still listing previous and current-gen MacBooks (in fact, all Macs) for yesterday's prices.

We're not sure how long these offerings will remain, so if you're really craving a sub-£800 MacBook, it's worth heading to its listings with a sense of mild urgency. John Lewis does also have a 90-day return policy for unused kit, so can hedge your bets a little.

Another place to pop your head around the door of is Apple's Refurb store. Bargains are a little thinner on the ground here - there are no 13in MacBook Airs - but you can pick up an older MacBook Pro for £759.  

Still no joy? Amazon Marketplace also has a decent selection of current-gen MacBooks with more palatable price tags - for example, you can pick up a charmingly pink 2016 Apple MacBook for £1038 (similar to its original price tag) or a 2015 13in MacBook Air for £853.

Apple's shiniest MacBooks may be largely found in the business lounge, but premium economy flights to OS X are still available if you shop around. We'll see you on the sunbeds at cocktail hour.