Apple iPhone X review round-up

Does Apple's bold reinvention really live up to the hype?

Last month's Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were fine handsets – the latter much more so – but they've been overshadowed by Apple's next smartphone, the iPhone X.

Releasing this Friday in seemingly very limited quantities, the iPhone X delivers the kind of comprehensive and seriously premium overhaul that we've been awaiting the last couple years from Apple, with a brand new, screen-centric design, as well as other enhancements and perks that could make it the phone to own this holiday season.

Of course, it's insanely expensive, starting at £999, and that's sure to frame any thoughts of actually springing for this smartphone.

We're not quite ready to make our call on the iPhone X, although you can read our first hands-on review from last month. However, some other professional reviews and in-depth impressions have started hitting the 'net, so here's a look at what the tech world thinks so far.