All the best PS4 exclusive game trailers in one place – yes, here

Games make a console – let’s see if Sony's exclusive titles tip the scales further in the PS4's favour

Sony has taken the wraps off its PS4 and the glare from the reasonable £350 price, supreme processing power, and sleek design have left Microsoft cowering. But a console is only as good as its games. If you weren’t sure which camp's worthy of your La-Z-Boy, take a look at Sony's exclusive game trailers below. And then peruse the Xbox One's offerings. That should help you decide.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone 3 was a great game that used 3D in an innovative way. Killzone: Shadow Fall could be an amazing game with eye-watering next-gen graphics and original gameplay. Fingers crossed.

inFAMOUS Second Son

The superpowered series' new lead character, Delsin Rowe, loves his bio-engineered powers – unlike his predecessor. Also unlike the previous game his power controls smoke rather than electricity – giving him some new options that the series hasn’t seen before.

The Order: 1886

From the creators of two God of War games this steampunk version of London kits your knight character out with futuristic weapons. With real world places, figures and events combined with cinematic presentation this should make for a Dishonored-style Victorian adventure.

Fianl Fantasy XV

The most ironically titled game ever has yet another not-so-final edition. This game looks stunning and should be every bit as over-the-top as its predecessors. A PS4 exclusive that should sway die-hard fans to stick with Sony – even if this looks far more like a third person actioner than an RPG.


The trailer doesn’t give much away but this procedurally generated horror claims to offer totally new experiences every time you play it. One to keep an eye on.

Backlight: Retribution

Millions of weapon combinations, fast paced combat and robot-headed killers make this look like a game with plenty of potential.


Visually stunning, real-world cars and a focus on social racing could make this one to give Gran Turismo 6 a run for the finish line.


Space ninjas with alien future technology. Add to that PS4 graphics and this can’t fail.

Indie showcase

Sony is backing indie game developers – which is a great thing from the look of this lot.