5 ways to reawesomise your Sonos system

Breathe new life into your faithful sound system

You might think your home-filling speakers have already achieved musical perfection, but these tweaks and accessories are here to take them higher than the love Steve Winwood once tunefully yearned for.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you, Get Down On It. Also, that's the last of the references, we promise.

1. Control it with your wrist

The Kronos Connect isnt the slickest app, but youll forgive it when youre browsing playlists on your Pebble or Apple Watch. It lets you control zones, the song queue and the volume, and the Apple Watch app will even display album art. Enough to impress guests before Sonos creates an official (and hopefully Siri-compatible) Apple Watch app.

Buy the Kronos Connect for £2.29

2. Prep it for a Tidal wave

Already using a Sonos Connect to stream to your old hi-fi? An external DAC like the Arcam Sonlink will take your music to places even Sonoss built-in DAC cant reach. Arcams considerable audio prowess is crammed into a case that sits nearly underneath the Connect, and you'll be ready for the best kind of party: an audiophile party.

Get it for £185 on www.arcam.co.uk

3. Create a digital forest

A bit of lateral thinking can turn your Sonos setup into more than just a musical marvel. Spotifys ambient sounds, such as Sounds Of The Forest, can help you create your own arcadia in which birds flutter between room (without the mess). Unpair your speakers, assign playlists with different birdsongs to each, and hit loop and randomise to bring your digiforest to life.

Get it on spotify.com

4. Make it your alarm clock

In the settings of the Sonos Controller app, you'll find the option to create alarms to convert you from slumberbeast into shuffling morning zombie. Beyond the usual options you can also choose the source of your musical treats. We're currently waking up to a playlist that collates every morning-themed song from Sonos's many music services.

Sonos Controller is available for free on iOS and Android


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5. Give it a leg-up

The Play:1's wide soundfield makes it a fine desktop speaker. But if you often find yourself sitting high above your baby Sonos at a computer, the Flexson Desk Stand will make sure youre in its musical sweet spot. The Desk Stand angles the Play:1 towards your ears, without ruining the speakers clean lines or adding a millimetre to its discreet footprint.

Get the Stand for £25 at flexson.com