10 ways to re-awesomise your holiday luggage

Techie tips and tricks to make your holiday packing less of a nightmare

Everyone loves going on holiday - but everyone hates packing for it.

The good news is, there are a load of gadgety solutions that make preparing for your trip a whole lot easier.

Check out our list below - and don't forget to send us a postcard.

1. MaStrum packable Rain Tunic

We cling to the hope that our holidays will be a festival of sunshine, but the UK weather is rather prone to indecision. Make sure you avoid getting soggy with this emergency water-resistant jacket, which packs down neatly into a pocket in the back of its foil-backed reverse face.

2. UrbanEars Humlan

Taking £300 noise-cancellers on your beach holiday can only end in sandy tears. For more adventurous trips we suggest these budget stand-ins, which are capable of taking a battering in your luggage and have washable ear cushions so you can refresh them after your morning seaside jogs.

Get better smelling sound

3. Nikon Aculon - W10 8x21

Whether you’re spotting wildebeest or looking for the beach bar, a pair of hawk eyes is handy. These rubber-coated binoculars are waterproof to one metre and provide 8x magnification with a wide-ish field of view, making them equally useful for watching sport.

Engage your super-vision

4. Crumpler Private Surprise

It’s generally not wise to advertise that you’re carrying a new £500 DSLR full of irreplaceable digital memories. This discreet camera bag will keep your camera secretly stashed in its lower compartment, while simultaneously cradling your 10in tablet in the padded divider above.

6. Chipolo

These Bluetooth coins alert your phone if you move outside their 60m range, and help you find objects on a map. Just attach them to anything you don't want to lose, and you'll have a headstart on your own forgetfulness.

Never lose anything

7. Cobra JumPack

Whether you’re nursing a sickly hire car or exploring the back country, it’s hard to imagine a more useful pocket charger than the JumPack. With a 400A peak current, it packs enough power to jumpstart most cars several times. And it’s also a 7500mAh battery for re-juicing your gadgets as well as an LED flashlight.

Pocket some jumpleads

8. Satechi Smart Travel Router

Because hotel Wi-Fi is often about as powerful as a moth’s handshake, this crafty power adapter also incorporates its own wireless router. Plug in the hotel Ethernet cable and you’ll have a fast, private network for web browsing, Skype calls, and even (if you also take a Chromecast) a spot of foreign Netflix.

9. Le Cord

Yes, that is a hilarious amount to pay for a Lightning cable, even by Apple’s standards, and yes, it does come with a pretentious name (one colour is called ‘Broken Ocean’). It does come with a textile sheath that’s much tougher than your standard cable, though, and it goes nicely with your choice of swimwear.

Keep your charging cable alive

10. Animal Herman Boardshorts

Watersports opportunities can arise unexpectedly on holiday. Instead of carrying an emergency pair of swimshorts, wear these all-rounders instead. They look like "walkshorts" for landlubbers but are actually quick-drying performance boardshorts made from stretch fabrics.