Smartphone of the Year 2016

Awards Winner
Over the past 10 years or so Apple, Samsung et al have conditioned us to believe that a high-end smartphone must cost the same as return flights to Rio. But OnePlus is more short-haul than red-eye and with the OnePlus 3 it proved that it could make a blower to match the high-flyers of the smartphone world - but for a much more package-holiday price. It might not quite match up when it comes to the camera, and it lacks a few of the bells and whistles you get by shelling out for a Samsung or an iPhone, but the OnePlus 3 excels in the areas that matter to most: performance, battery life and price. That makes it impossible not to recommend to, well, everyone. Which is exactly why it’s won this award.

The runners up

Superb camera skills thanks to the new dual-lens set-up, bigger screen and superior battery life make this the iPhone to get - if you’ve got hands (and a wallet) that are big enough.

The modular G5 lets you add a camera-improving battery pack or audio-improving DAC, with minimal fuss. It's the first of a new kind of smartphone, and the scale of its ambition is breathtaking.

The prettiest smartphone Samsung's ever built, and unlike the Note 7 it won't burst into flames. It's not cheap, but if you’ve got the cash to burn, then this is a smartphone worth flaunting.

Cheap? Yes. Cheerful? Undoubtedly so! The Vodafone Smart Prime 7 struts along with far greater style than it should given its astounding sub-£80 price. A solid-gold bargain.