The 10 Best Smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy S6 in all its metal-and-glass glory


Samsung Galaxy S6

If the Galaxy S5 was a mis-step, the Galaxy S6 is Samsung back on scintillating form - this is the new king of the smartphones

Just look at those lovely edges!


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The Edge is curvier, cooler, techier and beefier than its brother, but it's also a good deal pricier. That's why it's no.2, but if you're a dedicated gadgetier with the money to spend you know what you have to do

The LG G4 is a serious challenger



This leather-clad flagship is a great device, but it's outdone by Samsung's mighty Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

The HTC One M9. Looking good...


HTC One M9

The M9 is more evolution than revolution, but given how good its predecessor was that still equates to a mighty fine phone - it's just a shame for HTC that Samsung has so massively upped its game for 2015

LG G3 review



How do you follow the 2013 Smartphone of the Year? By keeping everything that made it so special and adding a whole lot more, of course. Available at a cracking great price these days too

Apple iPhone 6 review


Apple iPhone 6

Apple's new flagship takes the fight to its Android rivals with a bigger screen, more power and new software tricks
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