Samsung's 55in curved OLED TV lands on 5 September in the UK

Not convinced by 4K? How about a telly that's warped through the fabric of space and time?

Samsung has announced that its 55in curved OLED TV will be on sale in the UK from 5 September, beating its equally curvy LG rival to the shelves.

Available from "specialist retailers" at an undisclosed (read: very expensive) price, the 55in S9C offers two different simultaneous full HD 3D pictures on the same screen, thanks to its Multi View feature and special active shutter glasses. There is, however, no love for 4K.

We got a glimpse of Sammy's curved beauty at CES back in January – but given its US$9,000 retail price across the pond, we're going to have to sadly pass come its release next week.

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