25 best time travel movies ever

You can't travel back in time to have another crack at getting hold of Marty McFly's Nike Mags, so why not join us for time travel movie marathon instead?

Great Scott! Buckle up, it's time for our 25 best time travel movies. In no particular order...

Final Countdown (1980)

Caught in a swirly time storm out at sea, the crew of the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz find themselves in 1941 just before the attack on Pearl Harbor. Should they interfere with history? Sorry, captain – there are no hoverboards in the 1940s.

Primer (2004)

Shane Carruth basically created this low-budget (US$7000) brilliance on his own. As the Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury prizewinner Primer's sci-fi drama is unique in its technically detailed telling of an accidental discovery of time travel and the complex philosophical issues that arise. And it hurts your head to follow – in a good way.

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Army of Darkness: The Medieval Dead (1992)

The third in Sam Raimi’s cult classic film trilogy that sees our big chinned hero, Ash (Bruce Campbell) swap his chainsaw arm and boom-stick for a robotic hand and sword. After being hurled back in time it’s up to Ash, again, to save the universe from the walking dead brought out by that pesky Necronomicon (book of the dead) in AoD: The Medieval Dead. Shop smart, shop S Mart.

Timecop (1994)

Van Damme doing the splits in his y-fronts. If you can live with that image burned into your retinas for the rest of your life then Timecop is worth watching. One of JCVD’s greatest films that smashed the US$100m mark. The muscles from Brussels plays a cop whose wife was killed and he wants to save her using his time-travelling job. Naughtier than using the work photocopier for personal projects? Debatable.

Donnie Darko (2011)

Even after repeated viewing, it’s still unclear exactly how to interpret Donnie Darko's brilliance. Donnie (Jake Gyllenhaal) sees the coming apocalypse after surviving a falling jet engine that came through a worm-hole in time – leading him to sacrifice his own life and save the world. A great soundtrack, top cast and amazing script make this one of the best time travel films of all time – past and future.

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Awesome list, although if I had to choose a Star Trek time travel movie it would have to be the voyage home. Brilliant set up with a truly spine tingling reveal. 

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