The Lock8 bike lock is smart enough to warn you if a blowtorch is attacking it

This sensor-laden bike guardian will ensure your ride's kept safe and sound

A bike lock? Seriously?
Don't be so quick to judge. This is no regular run of the mill metal chain. This is the world's smartest bike lock, and it's the next best thing to a strapping a combat-trained rotweiller to your beloved two-wheeler.

What's so clever about it then?
Lots of things. For starters, it has no key. Instead, you unlock it with an app on your phone via Bluetooth. This means that there's one less thing to lose, and you can even send temporary digital keys to your friends so that they can borrow it with your permission, or rent it out to other Lock8 app users.

That's pretty neat I guess. But how does that help stop it getting nicked?
The Lock8 is packed full of anti-theft features. For starters, its casing is securely mounted to the frame, and both ends of the cable lock into it.

The cable itself has a wire running through it. If it's cut, then Mr. Thief will be met with a very loud ear-piercing alarm, which should be enough to make him scarper.

It even has a built-in thermometer, so if anyone tries to burn (or even freeze) the lock, it'll raise the alarm.

Even smashing it with a hammer won't do much good. A built-in gyroscope will detect the vibrations, raising the alarm once again. And each time the Lock 8 thinks your bike is at risk, it will alert you and selected friends via the app, ensuring a quick response time.

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Impressive. But what if the thief's wearing earplugs and there's no one around?
Then they're probably going to cycle off with your bike. But the Lock 8 has one more trick up its sleeve. It has a built-in GPS tracker, so even if someone does make off with your bike, you can track it down.

Is it a pain to charge?
That's the most beautiful thing of all. You'll never need to plug anything in or swap out the batteries.

The Lock8's juice is topped up by wireless induction charging. Two special spoke reflectors with built-in magnets are provided, and they charge up the Lok8 everytime the wheel spins. Genious.

I'm definitely sold. Where do I throw my money?

You can throw it straight at, where you can pick one up for US$250. UK distributors can head on over to Norseman Imports for more info. Happy cycling.

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