Google’s smart contact lens can measure your glucose levels

Forget Glass - Google wants to invade your eyeballs with smart lenses

Google has revealed that it’s currently testing a smart contact lens capable of measuring glucose levels in tears.

The lens itself has a minuscule wireless chip and tiny glucose sensor, both of which are sandwiched between two lens layers.

LED lights which indicate real-time glucose levels could also be integrated into the system, allowing people with diabetes to monitor their blood glucose levels without the need for the current blood drop tests, which are more invasive.

Google is currently working with the US Food and Drug Administration to bring the product to market, and it’s looking for partners to help develop apps which will provide live feedback to users via their smartphones.

We saw everything from smartwatches to smart toothbrushes at CES, and with news of Google’s smart lenses, the future is looking cleverer than ever. 

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[Google via BBC]

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