Christmas Gift Guide 2015: 20 gift ideas for coffee addicts

Sip from our proverbial pot of the finest frothy brew

Starbucks to go? For deep-pocketed lazies. Instant brew? For unappreciative peasants. These days, it’s all about grinding out your own premium caffeinated beverages for a deliciously fragnant energy boost at home.

Steaming for the best beans around? We’ve scoured the web to dig up the finest coffee-related gadgets and presents. Pick one of these gift ideas and forever change the way your friends and family enjoy their morning mug.


Minipresso Portable Espresso Maker (£50)

20 best Christmas Gift ideas for coffee addicts

Caffeine cravings wait for no man. Mountain climbing in the Pyrenees? Locked in the library lift? When you’re all out of espresso, being anywhere but your coffee shrine in the shed is an absolute nightmare.

Minipresso is here to change that. As light as a flask and sleek to boot, it’s a hand-powered pump that relies on nothing but a quick squeeze to deliver 116psi of force through your favourite blend - no batteries in sight. All you need is hot water and some beans. Now, where did we leave our kettle?

Buy the Minipresso here

Four of the best

Chemex (£37)

20 best Christmas Gift ideas for coffee addicts

Many baristas prefer making coffee via the pour-over method at home (as opposed to espresso), and there’s nothing better – or better-looking – for that than the Chemex. Resembling something from your school’s science lab, this flask accommodates a filter and can make one to three cups of coffee at a time. Larger models for greedy caffeine slurpers are also available.

Buy Chemex here

Kapu (£20)

20 best Christmas Gift ideas for coffee addicts

Visit the domain of a caffeine addict and you’ll doubtless discover many an unsealed bag of the brown, as your coffee-hooked pal ponders over just how to accurately measure out the beans.

Give them a Kapu though, and they’ll never have a problem again. This clip-and-spoon combo will serve up the perfect portion of powder before slotting shut their bags of brew - lovingly finished in, err, Finnish plywood.

Buy the Kapu here

Baratza Encore Grinder (£125)

20 best Christmas Gift ideas for coffee addicts

Buy someone a decent grinder and you’ve made a huge contribution to how good their coffee will taste – it’s by far the most important investment when it comes to home-brewed joe.

A favourite of coffee connoisseurs – and even professional baristas – everywhere, the Encore will deliver consistent, even grinds for many years. Just like Uncle Jeff.

Buy Baratza Encore grinder here

A different kinda brew

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