Christmas Gift Guide 2015: 19 gadget gifts for music makers

Start Christmas on the right note with our guide to the best music-making gadget gifts

18 Christmas Gift ideas for musicians and music makers

What would Christmas be without a bit of a sing-song? Actually, don't answer that.

From technohead nerds to leather-loving rock gods, bedroom DJs to Beach Boys tribute acts, we've got a Christmas gift idea here for every musical gadget lover.

The ‘Jam’ Jar (£25)

The problem with jam is that, while it tastes great on toast, it’s a hopeless medium for soldering. So the makers of The ‘Jam’ Jar had the revolutionary idea of removing all the jam from the jar before converting it into a miniature guitar amp.

The two-inch speaker built into the lid sounds pretty brutal, but plug this thing into a full-size cabinet and you’ll be amazed by its smooth and powerful overdriven sound. You can even clean it up (just about) by backing off on your guitar’s volume control.

We’d take one of these over the old Smokey fag-packet amp any day. Partly because it’s louder, but also because you don’t have to worry about what the makers did with the original contents. Bit of toast never harmed anyone, did it?

Buy the 'Jam' Jar here

TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini (£55)

18 Christmas Gift ideas for musicians and music makers

Plank-strummers can be a conservative bunch, but the idea of polyphonic tuning has spread through the guitar world like an immortality virus.

This is partly because the idea of being able to check all six strings at once is pigging fantastic, and partly because the tuners themselves work every bit as well as you might hope – including this one, which takes first prize for dinkiness.

Buy the TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini here

Korg Volca Beats (£100)

Drum machines are fantastic things: punch in a few steps on the built-in sequencer, hit Play and you've got the bones of a dancefloor filler right there.

Inspired by the classic Roland TR-808 and 909, the Beats has a monstrous analogue kick drum and a smattering of digital sounds, all tweakable via a panel packed with knobs. Complete the set with the Volca Bass and Keys

Buy the Korg Volca Beats here

Teenage Engineering Pocket Synths (£48)

18 Christmas Gift ideas for musicians and music makers

There’s a lead synth, a bass synth and a drum machine. The bass one is the best, because it’s got a picture of a submarine on it, but they all offer the same unique combination of dinky lo-fi looks – like the flimsiest calculator you ever tried to smuggle into a maths exam – and wild, highly tweakable sounds.

You’ll need two AAA batteries and, ideally, a beard.

Buy Teenage Engineering Pocket Synths here


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