13in iPad and larger iPhones in development at Apple HQ

Shovel-handed gadgeteers take note - Apple could be embiggening its iDevices to cater to your mitts

Apple is working on a 13in iPad as well as a larger iPhone, at least according to the Wall Street Journal.

According to its sources, Apple is working on an iPhone with a 4in-plus screen, as well as a tablet with screen that clocks in at just under 13in.

It's not clear at this stage whether or not some large-handed Apple designers are trying to make life easier for themselves or if the larger iProducts will actually come to fruition. But there's an Apple-shaped hole in the phablet market so we're tentatively optimistic.

As for a 13in tablet? Our arms could do with toning up on our commute, so we say bring it on.

[Wall Street Journal]

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