Amazon introduces Kindle MatchBook and new Paperwhite

UPDATE: New Kindle Paperwhite gets 3 October UK release date

Amazon doesn’t rest on its laurels when it comes to Kindle. The company today announced a second-generation Paperwhite e-reader as well as MatchBook, an exciting new service that lets you download cheap – or even free – Kindle editions of books you’ve already purchased in hard copy form.

MatchBook coming in October

The MatchBook programme will launch in October with a line-up of 10,000 titles from authors including Neil Gaiman, Ray Bradbury, Jodi Picoult and Michael Crichton. If you’ve already bought one of these from Amazon in paper- or hardback, you’ll be able to buy a Kindle version for US$2.99, $1.99, 99c or in some cases, for nothing (UK prices are yet to be confirmed). Even books purchased way back in the early days of the world wide web will be covered: Amazon first opened its online shutters in 1995 and books bought back then will qualify.

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A faster, brighter Paperwhite

Amazon also pulled the wrappers off a new Kindle Paperwhite, which will go on sale in the US later in September and in the UK on 9th October. Compared to the original Paperwhite, it features 25 percent more processing power; a new display with “higher contrast” and “better reflectivity”; more responsive touch technology; a brighter, more even backlight; and Page Flip, which allows you to flick or skim through the book without losing your place.

You can pre-order both the standard second-gen Paperwhite (£109) and the second-gen Paperwhite 3G (£169) at now.

UPDATE: Amazon has confirmed that the Paperwhite will be released on 3 October in the UK, for £109.