Nintendo 2DS is the stupidest thing of all the things

New handheld console ditches all the features that make the 3DS distinctive

What happens when you take a Nintendo 3DS and remove all the features that distinguish it from its competition?

This. This is what happens. The Nintendo 2DS is Ninty's newly-announced budget handheld console – and, for some reason, it's ditched both the 3D features of its big brother, and the ability to fold the console up so that it'll actually fit in your pocket.

As with the 3DS XL, Nintendo has bafflingly decided not to add a second analogue circle pad to the 2DS, despite some games requiring it – perhaps it'll release a gigantic add-on for this handheld console, too.

The Nintendo 2DS will, of course, play all your 3DS games in glorious 2D. And it's cheap, at £110 – though Amazon is currently selling the 3DS for £137, so it's not that much of a saving.

If you have capacious pockets and find 3D makes you dizzy, you can pick up the Nintendo 2DS in red or blue finishes from 12 October.


Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to comment.

With regards to Apple bias, you only need to take a look at our Top 10 smartphones and tablet sections to see that that really isn't the case at all.

I personally think that the problem with the 2DS is its form factor. I understand that having a 2D screen is a selling point for young children and there are plenty of adults who'd be happy to pay a little less for a 2D screen and might even prefer it to 3D.

It's just the form factor that I have a problem with. The whoel point of a handheld console is that it's portable. The PS Vita is a bit of a stretch itself, but this is a little much. If they had kept the hinged design with a standard screen then that probably would have been better.

I love the idea of a 2DS and have been waiting for this to come out ever since the 3DS was announced.  I have never been keen on the 3D element of the 3DS has it makes me feel dizzy and altough you can turn it off I would not like to pay extra for a feature that I do not like.  

In addition to this my son is a big DS fan and really enjoys playing on his DSi.  I would have never have bought him a 3DS as I am worried about the affects this would have on his eyes as it is not recommended for children under 7.  This is a brilliant idea and I am sure it will sell very well.

You know... 

This used to be one of my favourite tech sites but of late, I've been disappointed both by the coverage and the review of tech as presented on this site. If it isn't a bias towards a particular phone/tablet (cough-Apple-cough), it is slamming another tech for not being like Apple or something as STUPID as that. 

Now, unto this particular article. I have always believed that before anyone can fully review an article or any such like, there is a stage for research and getting things factual. And even after which, the article is then presented objectively for the readers to make their own opinons on the matter. 

The NINTENDO 2DS was made for ages & and lower (the ages that are not allowed the £D functionality of the 3DS). Why they made it? You don't know. Will it sell? Yes. Why? Because they are nintendo and so far, have proved that all their protable consoles sell because they know the market they cater too. 

Sony tried it with the PS Vita but we all know how the sales for that is going. 

Please behave and go back to being the site I used to love.  

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